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Boho Chic: Marylise & Rembo Styling

19th February 2019 | Julia Braime

Editor-In-Chief Julia Braime worked with an exclusive edit of pieces from the new collections by Marylise and Rembo Styling to produce UNVEILED’s ‘Siren Song’ fashion editorial. Between shots, Julia caught up with Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group Junior CEO, Chiara De Vlieger.

What do you love about Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group’s work?

Getting married is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience! it’s something magical.

We have a great team and it’s so refreshing to make our bridal designs really fashionable. The mission of Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group is to inspire brides worldwide and help to create an unforgettable day. To achieve this, team spirit and creativity are essential, two of the six major values ​​of our company.

How did the Marylise and Rembo Styling labels begin, and what is the ethos behind the brands?

Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group is a Belgian family business that has specialised for decades in the design and production of high quality wedding dresses.

Starting as a hat shop in 1926, the business subsequently evolved into a wholesale bridal accessories company with its own small bridal collection, before expanding to become the company that we know today; the driving force behind the two Belgian bridal brands Marylise and Rembo Styling.

The company has both the knowhow and expertise in-house from design to production and sales. In 2017 there are 629 bridal boutiques in 20 different countries from Europe to America, Russia, Australia, China and Japan, with 29 stores in Belgium. The family business currently has 84 employees and recently the fourth generation of the family took the helm of the company.

Apart from the various creations that can be found at Marylise and Rembo Styling, all of the wedding dresses bear the mark of unique craftsmanship; they are individually produced in the traditional way, and with lots of love, by highly skilled seamstresses in Portugal. The Portuguese workshop is the heart and soul of the group and acts as a well-oiled machine, able to respond quickly to new demands from the market with both brands.

A team of designers works across both brands. How does the design process work?

Everybody has their own style and experience and collaborate together as a real team. The designers brainstorm together to find new ideas and inspiration then choose new fabrics before the drawing part starts.

Each designer has their own influences and it’s very refreshing to bring all of these different visions into what we call our ‘creative lab’. Every designer maintains their own signature, but by uniting forces we’re able to deliver a more refined product.

Where do the team draw inspiration from and what are the key considerations when putting a new collection together?

Inspiration comes from couture and ready-to-wear. We pick out the most commercial trends and are very critical of what we select.

We choose a base that we like and then we translate it to a specific look that works for wedding gowns. For example knitwear is currently very popular and so we integrated it into our bridal collection. The general public might not be quite ready for such items, but as trendsetters we find it important to offer this in our collections.

How would you describe a Rembo Styling bride and would you say the label has signature style?

She is a dreamer who loves her friends. Her world is dynamic and free, with no boundaries for happiness. Her bohemian chic style is a natural extension. She is pure and unique, enjoying life to the fullest, in a spontaneous way.

We strive for a soft fitting with special fabrics and graphic laces – stylish and comfortable at the same time – the essence of boho chic.

And what about the bride who chooses a Marylise gown?

Her world is chic and glamorous, ruled by her own desires. Her effortless elegance and casual grace make her a timeless beauty, confident and sophisticated. Her style embraces femininity, in a harmonious way.

Tell us a little about the new 2018 collections?

For Rembo Styling, you will find beautiful, romantic and refined dresses that are comfortable yet sexy: a loose bohemian style which is a wonderful balance between a certain nonchalance and sophistication. Details such as lace with geometric motifs and the combination of heavier laces with crepe, long sleeves, deep backs and the integration of knitwear, make the look perfect! The jumpsuit is new within the Rembo Styling collection and is an absolute highlight.

For Marylise we focused on ‘easy chic dresses’, with smooth fluidity – butterfly sleeves and deep lace backs which are quite sophisticated. The focus of the Marylise 2018 collection is on feminine dresses, but tuxedo trousers also feature, which you can combine with a lace blouse. Winter brides can wear this surprisingly elegant ensemble with a faux fur jacket.

Can you tell us more about the fabrics and detailing?

All our dresses are made in superior fabrics such as luxurious, thick crepe, chiffon or tulle and are decorated with modern, sheer lace. Details such as a gold-coloured zippers or buttons complete the look. At first sight the design is very simple, but it is the combination of the elements that makes the difference. We listen to the needs of the bridal boutiques and the wishes of our contemporary brides; they want a beautiful, simple dress which is finished with exquisite detail.

How would you describe your personal style?

I favour looks that are feminine but still a bit edgy. For example, one of the short designs is a heavy crêpe in combination with a very light and feminine lace, finished with a golden zipper and styled with golden boots, giving the dress a touch of rock n’ roll.

How do you communicate with brides and incorporate their needs and desires into the Marylise & Rembo Styling collections?

We are very active on our social media platforms and receive a lot of requests and questions from real brides. Of course, we then use this information while designing our new collection. Being in direct contact with our brides really is an eye opener, they give you so much feedback which is very useful for the designers!

What advice would you give to brides when it comes to picking their wedding dress?

A wedding gown is pure emotion, for both the designer and the bride. Every dress is designed with passion in Belgium and made with love in Portugal.

A wedding dress should match your wishes and your personality! Enjoy every moment, follow your own heart and don’t let anyone tell you what to choose!

What is is it that keeps you hooked to the wedding industry?

There is a lot of satisfaction in this job as the team’s creativity becomes part of the bride’s most special day. It’s so nice to see the wedding pictures and the happy faces of brides in their dress which we’ve created.

What does the next year hold for Marylise & Rembo Styling?

We are already busy with our new collections and trying to find new highlights and eye catchers. We can’t give you too much information yet, but expect the unexpected!

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