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Creative Shoots

Wendy Makin for a Rustic Bridal Fashion Shoot at Cromford Mills

15th December 2020 | Sarah Symonds

A rustic and industrial vibe softened by pretty florals, contrasts with the sleek white lines of utterly beautiful bridal gowns at the incredible old Cromford Mills in Derbyshire.

We’ve got special behind the scenes access to a shoot at Sir Richard Arkwright’s first mill in the Derwent Valley today, with sneak peeks of the untouched and off-limits areas of this incredible historical space – the very birthplace of the industrial revolution. Indeed, had it not been for Arkwright’s passion and vision for the mass production of fabric on this scale, the fashion industry and bridal gowns in particular would likely not be what they are today.

That makes the cluttered rawness of the old factory mill the perfect contrasting backdrop against which to showcase the clean, soft lines of the modern, bright white fabric, stark beside the darker, rough edges of the building.

Yes Bridal Studio are the masterminds behind the romantic concept, feminine styling and fabulous florals featured in today’s shoot. We just love the bold use of flowers to add an element of prettiness and colour to the shoot, without being overpowering. Both the world heritage site chosen as a location and the luxurious Wendy Makin gowns selected to highlight the harmony of old and new, are still very much at the forefront of the images – although that striking, almost regal headpiece is really something and very nearly steals the whole show!

With images by Dominic Whiten Photography


The Team say: The shoot was inspired by our location and the extremely rare access we had to the birthplace of the industrial revolution and world heritage site, Sir Richard Arkwright’s first mill, nestled in the Derwent Valley at Cromford, Derbyshire.


Cromford Mills was the perfect location for us. We were privileged to be given access to the top floor of the original mill which isn’t open to the general public and still littered with huge baskets filled with bobbins. Steeped in history, we wanted to portray how raw the building is, it’s historical past, and then fuse that with the luxury of modern wedding gowns, which would not be possible without Arkwright’s foresight and vision for mass production of fabric.


Flowers and styling by Yes Bridal Studio in Derbyshire and Lavender & Jude from Suffolk. The styling of the shoot softens the industrial feel of the venue, adding a sense of romance and femininity. This is accentuated by the use of flowers to add texture and colour.


The dresses are designed by award-winning Australian designer Wendy Makin, from her French Collection. We choose these particular gowns, so that the cluttered, chaotic location is a complete contrast to the clean lines and simplicity of these elegant gowns. Jewellery was from Yes Bridal Studio.


Emma O’Regan took care of the hair and makeup for the shoot, working on our models, Emma Kenrick and Lucia Needham.


We wanted to create a fresh look that would show that the detail of the dress and reflect that sometimes simplicity and elegance is all you need. We worked with a fantastic team to produce these images and had a fun filled few days in rainy Derbyshire, but despite the weather we managed to create some magical images, which we were all exceptionally proud of.