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Camera Ready: M and G Wedding Photography

Alexis Forsyth

Looking for natural photos that capture the true essence and beauty of your big day, including all those unexpected, laugh out loud moments? Look no further than UNVEILED Network member M and G Wedding Photography, who simply adore all things bridal.

M and G Wedding Photography are award-winning, Yorkshire-based wedding photographers. They have a relaxed approach to their wedding photography, and as they put it – they let their couples and guests have the best day ever, while they photograph it all beautifully from start to finish.

They love photography, and it’s so much more than just a job to them. It’s their real passion in life. From studying photography to doing it as a career, they confess that they’re very lucky to do something they love, day in, day out. And when they’re not photographing professionally? Yes, they still have a camera in hand, capturing images of their family and the world around them, as we would expect!

Let’s discover more about their ultra captivating images and creative flair, plus details of an extra special treat for our UNVEILED readers.


We love everything about capturing a couple’s wedding day. There is no one stand out moment, as every wedding is unique and the people are always different. We love emotional moments, funny moments, and romantic ones as well. So you’ll see a lot of variety in our work.


Our style is relaxed, natural, beautiful and artistic. A recent enquiry described our images as ‘cheeky’ which we liked! And we definitely have a sense of fun, but that’s all to do with our couples – we just let people be themselves and funny moments tend to happen without posing or staging them.

If you look through our Instagram feed, you’ll see so many different kinds of images that reflect our style and approach – you’ll see the most romantic moments with couples kissing under dramatic skies, but you’ll also see the silliest moments, with bridesmaids falling over in mayhem on the dance floor. No wedding is ever the same as the last and that’s why we love our job.


We just let a wedding day happen. We want everyone to have an amazing day so we let the day unfold as the couple planned. The best moments happen when the photographer doesn’t direct them. Those unposed moments will be the ones the couple – and their children and grandchildren – will be talking about for years to come, as they tell a real story and transport you back to that one moment in time.


We stay in touch regularly by email and all our couples follow us on Instagram. It’s great when we see our future couples liking and sharing our work, it shows how excited they are for us to be their photographers.

Then as the day grows closer, we have a relaxed chat over a coffee or via Zoom. Crucially though, our couples never have to plan their day with us in mind – they plan the day they want and we simply fit in around it all.


We take natural photographs but we also have an artistic style, so our couples get beautiful images of real moments, and that’s what really sets us apart from our photographers. Our fine art background shows in our work. Documentary wedding photography doesn’t have to be raw – it can be very real, but beautiful too.


There really isn’t one, it’s the day as a whole we love. We’re there when the couple is getting ready right through to all the madness on the dance floor. Some weddings are full of funny moments, others are more emotional and poignant. Every wedding has so many individual moments to capture. Overall though, weddings are such a fun day to be a part of, and we love our job!


We’re very lucky to have travelled all over, and our work takes us all over the UK and the world. We’re based in Yorkshire but we also love destination weddings as well. Visiting new locations and venues is one of the best perks of the job.


Your images are the most important thing, so pick the wedding photographer whose images you love the most as they will live with you for a life-time. Package add ons are just marketing techniques – a diamante encrusted USB stick may look pretty but it’s not going to make your photos any better! The images themselves are what you are buying in the end, so invest in those. You’ll know when you find a photographer whose work speaks to you.

Also, do get your images printed. It’s great having them in a gallery and online, but there’s something timeless about having them printed and on display. You don’t have to buy prints or albums before the wedding though, you can add this on or buy them yourself after your wedding. So again, don’t get swayed by the package with three albums included – invest your budget in the best photographer you can, then get an album after the wedding if needs be as a wedding gift to yourself, or wait a few months until Christmas or a birthday!

Lastly, do your research. Rather than looking at just the photographer’s portfolio or one gallery, look through five or six blogs at different venues, in different seasons, and different weather conditions. See how a wedding photographer reacts to different situations and get a feel for how they photograph a full day. The blog section is the best way of learning more about a photographer and you can see our blog here.


We keep it simple as it’s all about the photography. You choose one or two photographers and how much coverage you need. Albums can be added on but this can be done after the wedding. We want couples to book us for our photography first and foremost, and that’s why people do book us, because they love our work and our natural approach to photographing weddings. Our photography is very relaxed and that’s reflected in the way we handle enquiries and bookings too.


We are happy to offer 10% off for UNVEILED readers – we book up every year so please do contact us now to check our availability.

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