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For North East photographer Scott Carney, it’s all about shooting the ‘feeling’ of your wedding from the inside, and his beautiful imagery really does capture the emotions from your day – and so much more besides.

With a background in festivals and a penchant for storytelling, UNVEILED Network Member Scott Carney Photography delivers the most candid pictures of you and your guests, and all those precious, natural moments you might otherwise miss.

Each couple and relationship is unique, and this couldn’t be more evident than on your big day – and this is what he loves most about wedding photography. He knows how important those ‘hang on the wall’ photos are to newlyweds, but if he can capture the real essence of a couple – that’s a win for him in his books.

So where did it all begin? At college, Scott played in a band but as he confesses, all his friends were much better and inevitably started playing more gigs without him. Scott found himself photographing gigs instead and this led to work with PR companies, bands, and even festivals. He then fell into the wedding industry a few years later once his friends started tying the knot.

As it happens, there are many similarities between festivals and weddings, and Scott simply loves the fast paced action of the day combined with all the fun to be had, and of course, spending time with close friends.

Let’s find out more about his unique documentary style, and exactly how he captures all those happy, memorable vibes from your special day – plus read on for a special offer for UNVEILED readers!

All images by Scott Carney Photography


My style is a blend of documentary – what I’d describe as hands-off storytelling of real moments – and relaxed portraiture. Nothing cliche or awkward here, thanks!


I am close to the action. I focus on quickly making the couple and guests feel at ease with me so I can move around, capturing all the moments as they happen naturally. I don’t want to disturb any interactions, and I like to think that moment would happen whether I was there or not. I am just documenting it, and the funnier the better.


I start long before the wedding, often following my couples on social media and interacting with them. Our meeting before the wedding often involves alcohol and a venue visit, and I take the time to understand what my couples are most looking forward to, the personalities at the wedding and any information I can use to help me on the day. Raised by your grandparents? Never seen your dad cry? Really close to a certain cousin? I want to know these details as this helps me focus on the day and know what moments are most important to you.


My background in festivals and my storytelling approach both set me apart. I stay later than most photographers and I often attract couples who love live bands, so the evening party is one of the parts they look forward to the most. Taking the time before the wedding to get to know my couples allows me to understand their story and focus on that through my images.


The evening, especially with lively couples and guests. I will get in close on the dance floor and stay late to really capture that action and atmosphere. Tequila shots, anybody?


I mainly photograph around North Yorkshire, the North East and the Lake District, although I have photographed weddings in Italy, Tenerife and all over the UK. I am more than happy to travel for a wedding.


Discuss a photographer’s style and approach to the day in detail before booking. Think about what you want from your day. Do you want to spend hours taking portraits? Or would you rather spend the time with your guests?

Understand exactly what you get from your photographer. You don’t want to be caught out after the wedding if you can’t print your images or need to pay extra for something you thought was included.

Don’t underestimate how important it is to get on with your photographer. They will be around a lot on your wedding day, often interacting with you and your guests. You want a nice person!


Don’t book purely based on price alone. If you have a budget, that’s fine obviously, but if you love a certain photographer, approach them and see if they can do reduced coverage or do something to help. Don’t just go with the cheapest option.

Don’t be afraid to speak to several photographers to get a feeling for what you want and what you don’t want. (Don’t ghost though!)

Don’t worry about the number of images or really long shot lists you printed off the internet. Trust your photographer to do what you hired them for.


I keep it simple and offer one package, me from early until late, a gallery and some fine art prints as I like to give you something tangible. Couples can add a wedding album or second photographer but otherwise there are no other options to worry about.


Mention UNVEILED and I will offer a free parent album with my album package, worth over £200!

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