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Heaven Sent: The Angels Events

Alexis Forsyth

By combining understated elegance, timeless design, attention to detail, and the personalities of each and every couple, The Angels Events has got your perfect wedding day all wrapped up.

Eleanor Richardson is the founder and director of UNVEILED Network Member The Angels Events, a full-service luxury wedding and events planning agency based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Eleanor has always enjoyed creating fun, interesting and beautiful settings where people can feel excited, happy, and relaxed. She loves playing host and being surrounded by her loved ones, so this career path was always going to be a natural one for her to pursue.

After attending an incredible 21st birthday celebration event quite a number of years ago, she can still remember how utterly blown away she was by the excitement it created. She then put this passion to good use, planning vari

ous high-end events across London for a few years, but it wasn’t until she made the move back up north and spotted a gap in the market in our region that The Angels Events was born.

Here’s Eleanor to tell us more about her talent for ‘finding things’, and how her fabulous business delivers on your expectations – and so much more.

Images provided by The Angels Events with thanks to Jeff Ascough, Ryann Lindsey Photography, Sarah Taylor Photo & Film, Damien Bailey Photography, Dominic Wright Photography, Chris Hanley Photography and Avenue White Photography, in order of appearance.


Eleanor says: You only get married once so how will you know if a caterer, florist, stylist, band, DJ, photographer, videographer, or marquee supplier is the one for you?

You can type ‘wedding catering’ into Google and be faced with hundreds of options. How do you narrow this down to just one? The simple answer is that you hire a planner to do the leg work for you.

We work with our suppliers day in day out, so we know what their natural style is, what their strengths are, and really what their parameters are to achieve their absolute best work.

For example, in the days of Pinterest it is easy for a couple to ask a florist to “recreate this please”, but if you ask a very traditional styled florist to copy a wild woodland arrangement, you aren’t going to get the best result.

With a planner working on your team we will book the best florist in the style that you are looking for. The same is true for caterers. Whether you want a 7-course tasting menu or a fun and interactive barbeque station, we will put the right company forward for the job.

Before we start the planning process, and throughout, we get to know each couple. We find out what they love and hate, their family heritage, and special things in their journey as a couple that we can nod to through the small details of their wedding. We then use this information to select and position all of the suppliers and elements that make up your wedding. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wedding planning, and no one style. Everyone is different and it is so important to us that your wedding day reflects your personalities.

Also, as a newly engaged couple, knowing how to prioritise your budget is tough. As a starting point The Angels Events sit down with you and create a ‘summary budget’, to manage your expectations and assess how best to divide your budget between the key elements that make up your day. Once this is agreed, we source and present you with the suppliers that fit your budget and your dream wedding day.

When you hire The Angels Events, we are on hand throughout the entire process, from that initial enquiry call through to sending out Thank You notelets after the big day. There is no task too big or small, and we’re there to be as involved as you wish for us to be.

Come the week of, and even the day of, your wedding, the last thing you need is to be worrying about things like whether the celebrant has arrived yet, if the band has sound checked, or if the marquee is okay in the wind. Having a planner means you can simply wake up and enjoy every step of the day with your loved ones.


Simply put, we can translate your dreams into reality. We listen to your thoughts, we get to know you as individuals and as a couple, and quite often we get to know your family quite well too!

We give you new ideas that you may have never considered – we always say “you only know what you know” which might sound silly but if you’re getting married for the first time then you only have the experience of other weddings you’ve attended.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a passion for weddings that means we are fantastically positioned to guide you through the process with creative and innovative new ideas.

We also source, liaise with, contract and pay all of your suppliers, so you only have to deal with one point of contact – your dedicated wedding planner, who removes all of the headache and stress from the planning process for you.


Our couples can be as hands on, or hands off, as they wish to be. Each client is different – some have no spare time at all and want to hand the whole wedding over with only a few early design meetings. Others want a planner to chat with several times a week and bounce ideas off. Some couples want five choices per wedding element to choose from, others want the planner to make the best decision on their behalf. Whatever the level of involvement you want, we work and adapt to this.


Our skill is producing the client’s perfect event – not ours. We do not have a one size fits all style, and if you look over some of the weddings and events on our website I think you will see this very clearly.

Even when couples struggle to identify what their style is, we draw this out of them through our planning meetings. So from a boho chic wedding in a tipi, to a crystal and white wedding in a stately home, we can produce a dream wedding for each of our clients.


Over 20 years’ experience in the wedding and events industry means I have a huge knowledge base of things that work, and things that don’t work, things that are commonly overlooked (and shouldn’t be!) and things that don’t carry as much weight as you may think.

I understand where to focus time and efforts, and translate your dream into a reality by obtaining information from you that you may not even realise yourself until asked the right questions.

My borderline obsessive attention to detail means every element is precise, and my love of an excel spreadsheet means everyone and everything runs perfectly to time.

In the office I am also known as the “finder of things”, as no matter how obscure, or how “out of stock” an item is said to be, I will always find it if it is required for your big day!


  1. Hire a planner.
  2. Make sure your wedding is about you and it is your day. Do not try to please everyone else and make sure you inject some of your personality. For example, through your catering – make your wedding breakfast your favourite foods, not just crowd pleasers.
  3. Invest in the details. Consider your guest list carefully, and have more luxe with less people. Looking back on even my own wedding, I know that I am no longer as close with a large number of my wedding guests simply due to how your life grows and the addition of family.


  1. Don’t invite people just because you think you ought to.
  2. Don’t dilute your day by trying to please too many people.
  3. Don’t let the wedding feel like a chore and take over your life – book a planner to relieve the stress.


Start by setting up calls and meetings with a few wedding planners. The person you pick to help design and produce your wedding needs to be someone you get on with and can trust with your big day.

Once you have made a planner selection, your planner will guide you through conversations to help you make the first decisions, for example, which is your priority – guestlist numbers, a specific venue you have had your heart set on, or your dream date. Sadly you cannot always have all of these, so we work with you to help you prioritise. We may also give you new options and ideas to explore that you wouldn’t have considered alone.

Once the date, venue and guestlist are identified, the journey really gains some momentum and we get into the intricate details of your day.


I think we will see smaller weddings becoming increasingly popular – and not just because they have to be! I think people will have spent time during this pandemic realising who and what is most important to them, and thinking about why they want to get married.

Smaller weddings give more breathing space for the beautiful smaller details too. For example, if the etched gold edged glassware you would love for your wedding breakfast tables breaks the budget with 250 guests, it suddenly becomes much more achievable at 80 guests.

On the other hand, I also think we will see a real spike in the number of couples going for super glam and luxurious wedding styling – think orchids and crystal chandeliers, with very high guest numbers. I think couples will go one way or the other, with very few going for the in-between.


We would like to offer readers a free one-hour virtual consultation with a member of The Angels Events team to discuss their wedding plans. Simply email [email protected] with your preferred consultation date and time, and we will come right back to you.


Our brand-new website showcases a number of our weddings and events, and can be found at www.the-angels.com

You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

If you’d like to chat, please call us on 01423 503442 or email us on [email protected]


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